Urgent Care Providers Offer Insights on the Health Benefits of Cycling

Aside from a balanced diet, regular exercise is also a must for optimal health. Not everyone, however, can afford to buy a gym membership or set up a basement gym.

The good news is that you don’t have to shell out big money to be fit. If you’re looking for a fun, effective, and affordable way of exercising, look no further than biking. Even better, venues such as the nearby Foothill Trails offer an extensive and gorgeous route to bike on.

Experts providing urgent care in Puyallup give interesting insights on the health benefits of cycling.

health benefits of cycling

Burning Calories

If you’re overweight, hopping on a bike is an effective way to shedding those extra pounds. According to NutriStrategy, an hour of biking can burn up to 281 calories, versus just 176 calories per hour when walking. Do note that the number of calories you burn will ultimately depend on your speed and your overall body weight.

Kinder to the Body

Aerobic exercise is crucial to heart health but traditional forms like running can be hard on the body–with every step, your knees absorb the impact each time your feet hit the pavement. For people with bad knees or those recovering from an injury, biking offers a low-impact but equally effective form of aerobic training.

Lower Stress Levels

It’s widely known that exercise is an effective way of reducing stress, and biking is no different. In fact, a 2015 study by the New Economics Foundation found that bike commuters reported being less stressed than people who drove cars or took public transportation to work. Research from the Victoria Transport Policy Institute seems to support this notion too, with interviewed respondents claiming to like their commute more than people who commuted using vehicles.

If these perks have piqued your interest, be sure to visit a Puyallup urgent care center first to consult with a doctor. He or she will assess your fitness level, and provide you guidance on how often and how often your biking sessions should be. Likewise, prioritize your safety during rides by getting a proper helmet, which protects your head in case you fall over accidentally. To avoid skin chafing, it’s best to buy cycling shorts or apparel made of Lycra. And if you’re biking at night, blinkers are a must to prevent vehicular accidents.

With these in mind, you can start cycling to better health. With the go-signal from your doctor and the proper riding gear, you’re all set for a great biking adventure.


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