Puyallup Urgent Care Tips for Wounds and Cuts During Summer Outings

The South Prairie Creek RV Park is perfect for those who would like to experience camping with a classic RV. The sprawling property is home to about 30 acres of beautiful parks, greeneries, and a creek.

Puyallup Urgent Care

However, when you go camping, it’s important that you prepare for emergencies, such as injuries. Being in the outdoors can be very exciting, but it can also expose you to possible injuries like cuts and bruises or worse.

The Wild Outdoors

Safe recreational parks, like the South Prairie Creek RV Park, are likely to keep you safe from wild animals, but you can still be vulnerable to falls and other outdoor hazards like sharp rocks and thorny shrubs. Knowing these basic first aid tips from a Puyallup urgent care center will come in handy.

Immediate action is crucial in cases of open wounds because the longer it is exposed, the bigger the possibility of the wound becoming infected. This can then lead to even bigger problems, and longer healing time for the patient.

Cleaning a Wound

For wounds like cuts, scrapes, or punctures, wash it first with cool running water. This should help wash away any dirt or micro-debris that may be stuck in the wound area. Also carefully wash the surrounding area of the wound with soap so that it can also be disinfected. While washing the wound with soap will help eliminate germs, it may make the patient uncomfortable as well.

If the wound is bleeding, apply gentle pressure on the area with a dry, clean cloth. Small cuts and wounds will stop bleeding relatively quickly, but if the location of the wound is in an area rich with blood vessels, it may take longer. Be conscious about controlling the blood flow, because loss of too much blood can cause dizziness or, in worse cases, shock.

Using Bandages

For smaller cuts, a Band-Aid should suffice to keep it protected against infection. However, if the cut is deep, it is not advisable to cover it. The wound needs to be able to “breathe”, or be exposed to the air, so that it can dry up and heal faster. Antibiotic ointments can help protect the open wound against infections, as well as help prevent scarring.

Ultimately, though, you should make sure to get immediate medical attention from a nearby urgent care center in Puyallup, such as U.S. HealthWorks. Centers like this are prepared to handle cases such as this, especially during summer.

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