Urgent Care Tips on How to Prevent Injuries from Falls While Hiking

Spending time outdoors and walking, biking or hiking on the trails at Clark’s Creek Park is a great way to get some fresh air, enjoy nature and observe the area’s wildlife. These activities are also excellent ways to get in some of the 10,000 steps per day that health and fitness experts recommend for adults. As you move along the trails, take care to avoid common hazards that could cause you to trip and fall. The providers at an urgent care in Puyallup offer these tips for avoiding common walking injuries and knowing what to do if you do fall and get hurt.

Urgent Care Tips

Watch for Hazards

As you walk or bike along the trails at Clark’s Creek Park, look ahead on the trail and be aware of any obstacles or issues that could cause you to fall. Be alert for potential problems such as wet pavement, mud or loose rocks or dirt that might cause you to lose your footing. Keep your eyes open for other obstacles such as trash that someone might have dropped on the path. Uneven surfaces, fallen tree branches and other debris could also cause you to trip and fall.

Select Proper Footwear

Wearing the right type of footwear helps you to stay steady on your feet while walking and biking. Choose protective athletic shoes that are made for outdoor activity. The shoes should fit your feet properly and accommodate your socks.

The shoes should have enough cushioning in the arch, ball and heel area to protect your feet from impacts against pavement, hard dirt and rocks. Keep your shoes fastened and be aware if the laces become untied. Avoid wearing open-toed shoes, sandals, flip-flops or high heels on walking trails, as these increase your risk of tripping.

What to Do If You Fall

If you do fall while walking at Clark’s Creek Park, take a moment to assess your injuries. If you cannot bear weight on one side of your body, call for help. If you do not have a phone with you, flag down another park visitor to take you to a Puyallup urgent care such as U.S. HealthWorks.

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